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Cybersecurity Engineering (CySEC)

We focus on the integration of applications for software assurance related tasks; use...

Enterprise Security Services (Esec)

We focus on the security configuration and integration of resources based on the...

Security and Risk Management (SecRM)

We concentrate on driving a “realistic security picture.” This consist of analyzing all the...

Cyber Workforce Development (CyWD)

We provide workforce related training for the CISSP, COMPTIA Sec +, NIST Risk Management...

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Aligning cybersecurity workstreams to reduce enterprise risks

Keeping Security On Target

We can articulate cybersecurity solutions that support organizations effort to counter security risks and emerging threats. The solutions employed focus on the current security state of readiness and emerging technologies associated with risks, vulnerabilities, and threats.

To drive a realistic security profile, SEMAIS help organizations identify strategies, roadmap, requirements, and solutions to mature or remediate gaps in their security and risk management program, legal and regulatory requirements, business and mission objectives, and security architect.

To deliver cybersecurity solutions, requires a detailed understanding of  best practices, system and application protection standards, ability to detect threats, respond to cyber security incidents, and procedures to align strategic goals as a first-rate product. Semais consulting service can deliver solutions.

Cybersecurity Consulting

SEMAIS consulting service is structured under four business domains which aligns security across various business lines and operation requirements to reduce risks; and identify vulnerable actions and security gaps for customers.

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