Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program

Program Description

Semais has partnered with the Department of Labor to create a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship program. The program targets veterans, college students, and professionals seeking to advance their career. Apprenticeship training is similar to OJT, but includes theoretical instruction as well as practical training. While learning a trade as an "apprentice," the veteran or student is taught by a skilled worker, a "journeyman." The program is one-year in length and it provides 144 hours of related classroom instruction. The training aligns to industry approved certification training and supports employment goals.

Our apprenticeship program can remediate training development and skill set deficiencies through a structured and managed approach. We deliver the program through unique training methodologies and OJT so the apprentice can fulfill career goals and reduce recruitment challenges. Our methodology is a solution tailored approach that aligns learning and skill-sets. The solution also transitions into our College to Corporate Pipeline (CtoCP) initiative - which train and employ college professionals seeking employment.

Program Highlights

  • An individual employer, group of employers, labor organization, education institution or an industry association can sponsor an apprenticeship program.
  • Sponsors make significant investments to design and execute apprenticeship programs, provide jobs to apprentices, oversee training development, and provide hands-on learning and technical instruction for apprentices.
  • Support Veteran Recruitment; VA Employment Goals; and corporations ability to build an arsenal of talent.
  • The programs operate on a voluntary basis and they often receive support by collaborating with community-based organizations, educational institutions, the workforce system, and other stakeholders.
  • The training aligns to the CompTIA Security+ certification and apprentices earn the certification as well.

College to Corporate Pipeline (CtoCP) Phases

The CtoCP Methodology can remediate training development and skill set deficiencies through a structured and managed approach. Semais delivers the model through unique training methodologies, so the candidate can fulfill career goals and reduce recruitment challenges. The CtoCP methodology is a solution tailored approach that aligns learning and skill sets. The phases below is our methodology deploy for the CtoCP and a brief reference to the process required for the program. As stated before, the program remediates skill set defencies and allows a student to enter the employment industry a with an arsenal of skill sets.

Corporate to Pipeline Methodology

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Would you like to partner with Semais and build the next arsenal of defensive ca-pabilities and cybersecurity talent? Just submit your information in the given field and our team will contact you for more information. Lets help rejuvenate the cy-bersecurity industry and navigate safeguards for our nation.

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